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The Sud Sister

Ecofriendly Soap Box

Ecofriendly Soap Box

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Get ready to celebrate Earth Day in a sustainable way with the Ecofriendly Soap Box! Packed with 1 pound of all-natural, high-quality soaps, including various sizes and funky shapes of soaps from the past and new soap with minor aesthetic flaws that still deserve a second chance! I take pride in using only the best ingredients, so even if they aren't picture-perfect, trust me, there's still plenty of goodness in each bar. Make a sustainable choice for our planet & your skin. Ditch the plastic bottled body wash and cheap toxic soap and grab yourself a plastic free eco-friendly soap box!

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The Sud Sister’s soaps are made in small batches for the best quality. I aim to achieve the same look for each soap but because they are artisan made each batch is unique. Colors + sizes may slightly vary. Soap bars are approximately 5oz of magic and love!