Plastic Transparency 

Just some transparency for you all :)

All orders from The Sud Sister will come in new and/or used material that is: recyclable, compostable, biodegradable, and/or reusable.

My soaps and candles are shipped naked, minimally, and with enough packaging to ensure the item does not arrive damaged. Packages come with no plastic wrap, films, or excessive labels. 

More on that:

  1. I prefer to ship in kraft boxes that are recycled and not made from virgin wood.

  2. I package my soaps minimally, with just enough stuffing to not damage the product.

  3. I don't include labels on my soaps. Ingredients and harvesting/foraging methods are found on the same page you order from.

  4. I reuse shipping supplies I get from personal orders (packing peanuts, kraft paper, boxes)

As part of my transparency, I would like my customers to know that some of my ingredients are occasionally delivered in plastic containers because it allows them to be delivered in lighter loads (meaning lower emissions) and more cost-efficient prices for me (and YOU!). All plastic I receive gets re-used or recycled.

I try my best to purchase ingredients in bulk to lessen the amount of plastic or purchase alternative packaging like:

  • Aluminum. Most of my essential oils come in aluminum containers, but I can’t have too much aluminum around as it reacts dangerously with my soapmaking method.
  • Kraft, my favorite alternative, if appropriate for the ingredient. Most of my clays and floral suppliers will gladly send me their products in kraft bags.
  • Glass is used when I go to bulk grocery stores. I'll use it for spices that I use in soaps, oils if they have an oil dispenser, coffee grounds etc.. 

Eventually I would love to buy oils and butters that come in barrels or drums because most companies will gladly accept them back and reuse them, I'm just not quite there yet as far as revenue and production. I am, however, lucky to have local shops where I can buy ingredients that come in cardboard, glass, and aluminum!

Lastly, when you purchase a pre-loved item from "The Thrifty Folk" section, you are contributing to circular shopping by giving an item a second chance.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope it gives you a better understanding of where my heart is when it comes to contributing less waste.