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The Sud Sister

Beeswax Pillars | Small

Beeswax Pillars | Small

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organic • straight from the hive • bee friendly • sustainable

The beeswax used to make these candles comes straight from the hive, meaning NO harsh chemicals, NO peroxide and NO fragrances. 

The beeswax is extracted in a sustainable and cruelty free manner and comes in the prettiest shades of yellow with sweetest floral scent you ever did smell! I take great pride in the work I do to get this beeswax ready to sell. It’s true raw organic beeswax straight from the hive. Double filtered (cleaned twice to rid it if any natural bee/hive debris). Because the beeswax is filtered by hand some candles contain left over “freckles”, this does not affect the wax and, if I do say so myself, they are natural and beautiful!

They are 100%  raw beeswax that come from abandoned hives here in the Central Valley or from hives extracted from residential homes near the Pacific Coast. Here’s more insight on that:

The beeswax that is extracted from residential homes is done so a chemically free and non toxic manner from homes who have been targeted by wild bee swarms. I forage for the hives in specific locations, given to me by the company, near the California coast in nearby forest areas. The bees are safely placed into new colonies with beekeepers along the west coast.

The beeswax that I make from abandoned hives come from my local beekeeper. Bees can abandon their nest when: living conditions become uncomfortable in the hive, continuous strong winds near the hive, frequent disturbances, over population due to lack of space in the combs, and problems with the queen.

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The Sud Sister’s soaps are made in small batches for the best quality. I aim to achieve the same look for each soap but because they are artisan made each batch is unique. Colors + sizes may slightly vary. Soap bars are approximately 5oz of magic and love!