Soda Ash Sux!

Dont you hate it when you create such a beautiful soap, and the pour is so good, and the trace was *chef kiss* muah! ... but then the next few days a grayish film starts to develop on top of your pretty textured top and you're like... well damn.


I'll tell you things i've tried that hasn't work.. things i haven't tried. and the ONE THING i HAVE tried that WOOOORRKED!

tried.. didnt work

  • spraying top with alcohol... -__- did this for years and it did NOTHING.
  • covering top with cardboard/towel

have NOT tried

  • steaming the top with a steamer. reasons i havent tried it? well, it just seems so time consuming. I've seen videos of people doing this and they steam them sooooo slow. i've got 4 kiddos and need to use my time wisely.
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